I adopted your dog (All)

My experience adopting a dog from a Cl post. This writer is certainly not wanting or intending to imply that everyone posting their pets for adoption are unscrupulous. There are some people who genuinely love and care for their pets. There are others who don’t.
Unfortunately, my experience falls into the latter category.
I responded to a breed specific ad. The cost of this breed specific dog was slightly under 1,000 dollars. The owner asserted the dog was up to date on vaccines, and was being rehomed due to family issues.
Upon meeting the dog, I was shocked at the condition of the dog. The dog was matted in various places. It was clear dog brushing was not a part of the dogs care. The dogs vaccinations were not current.
After seeing the dog, I gave the owner the fee, put the dog in my vehicle and immediately made the necessary appointments.
I went to animal services to get a rabies tag, and showed the animal control officer the before and after pictures. After relaying to animal control the dogs cl purchase experience, the officer said that peoples first instinct is to pay the adoption fee and get the animal out of their situation. The officer said the right thing to do is call them, and they’ll take appropriate action.
I didn’t to that for my cl dog. However, I know there are other pets in the home. I reported those animals. Be expecting a wellness check regarding those animals very soon. Hopefully, those pets are better cared for than the dog you neglected.

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