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I have twenty years experience in Sales and Marketing with a track record of success in business development, creating leads, closing sales, and recruiting, training, and motivating other marketers and salespeople. I also created training materials, performed HR duties, collected, and acted as general problem solver. I have also written copy for websites, print and digital ads, and email marketing. I have limited experience running, and a basic understanding of, SEM, SEO, and social media campaigns as well. I am Google Certified and if you are impressed by that ... go with it, but if you know what that entails, you know it does not mean much.

I have marketed and sold many different products from IT Training to Carpet Cleaning, from Home Improvements to Stem Cell Procedures.

I would rather learn to weld than go back to any of that.

While I do not want to get back into that industry (I might if the money was right.) I believe that a sales and marketing perspective is an important consideration in all the various positions of a company. Marketing and sales are on the front line of incoming revenue for most companies, and all other departments, and the company, benefit if they consider Marketing and Sales, the acquisition of future prospects and customers, in their performance. I feel my strong background in this area would benefit me, and any company, in any capacity.

Ideally I would like a position that allows me to be creative as a writer. I would like the position of editing, updating, and managing a website and/or blog and email campaign. I have written several successful lead and sale generating emails and I enjoyed that type of work.

I am also very customer centric and I believe that should be a strong consideration in today's economy. One bad review, right or wrong, can cost a company sales and customers for years and even in perpetuity. I would excel in a Customer Service/Customer Advocate position. I have the empathy and the reasonable personality to soothe upset customers. I know when to refund and walk away from a sale or customer, and I know how to do it diplomatically.

I would like to avoid management. I have a lot of experience managing teams and I no longer enjoy it. I am over being the middle manager that business owners only half listen to and blame for their setbacks when they didn't listen to my feedback. I was fired from my last position for insubordination, and while I maintain it was a mistake on the company's part, I can not deny that I was insubordinate. I am no longer the "yes man" many entrepreneurs seem to want at their right hand. I have matured beyond the ability to just tell people what they want to hear.

After the training period, I do not do well when I am being micromanaged.

I have a wild and bushy beard and long(ish) hair. Some companies will consider me unsuitable for customer facing, and that's fine, as I mentioned already, I really don't want to do much customer facing anymore. I have done some with my beard and hair though and my performance and numbers were no different than when I was clean cut. I am willing to go back to a more corporate look for the right offer.

I read, write, and speak English well. I speak Spanish badly. I have a clean driving record and six street legal forms of transportation. I am a Coast Guard certified licensed Captain, or I was at one time, I think it is probably expired by now. I am a published author of both training and marketing materials and one novel. In my spare time I like to write, read, ride motorcycles and bicycles, play video games, hang out with my girl, and run marketing campaigns for personal pursuits on CL and FB.

So there you have it, my honest self-assessment. If you think I can be valuable to you in any capacity, please reach out. I have been open about the good, the bad, and the ugly about me and I am looking for an employer who will appreciate that.

As far as compensation goes I will require a living wage. Let me further define that so there is no confusion. As a nine to five, 40 hour a week employee, I am willing to accept $40K to $50K a year in salary (Not potential pay based on commissions, overrides, or any type of performance -- $40K to $50K base.) depending on the job duties and responsibilities. I am willing to do a writing type job for the lower end of the scale and more of a sales and marketing job for the higher end of the scale. This is not what I am worth, this is what I am willing to do it for.

If you want me to become obsessed with growing your business, and treat it like my own, and work sixty to ninety hours a week being the "whatever it takes" guy ... I tend to ultimately wind up in that role ... I will need much more consideration and that will have to be determined should the need arise.

If you want me to work for less than $40K/yr then your job offer has to be in an industry I have no expertise to offer. I need to be trained from the ground up in a new skill or position, like welding. I think I would like welding. There might be other industries I would enjoy but have not heard of yet. I am willing to consider those offers too.

Thank you for reading and for considering me for employment with your company. I look forward to hearing from you.

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