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My name is Daisha but you can change it. I am a 2 yr female kitty cat (formerly stray kitty) kinda smaller than average who needs to be spayed and I need a furrever home ASAP! My human owner has left me now at a house with 3 other cats and some really nice humans that are feeding me and loving on me. I am not waiting for the original human owner to come back to get me and she wants to put me outside and NOT pay any attention to me. I should be getting spayed this week I think.

I purr all the time and will follow you to the bathroom and wait for you until you pay attention to me. I love the 3 other cats but I really need a lap to cuddle of my own.

Can I sleep with you??? I am about 5 lbs and I play with lots of cat toys. The BEST FURREVER HOME is with one person to give me LOTS of attention.

PS I am working on getting spayed this week, so I will be ready for YOU !

Please reply asap so I can get out of here. Within a 10 mile radius of Seffner please :) xoxo
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