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Jude went missing May of 2018 by breaking through the screen door of my second-floor apartment and jumping off the balcony. About a month later I moved states away from where I originally lost him for vet school. Now over 5 hours away I didn't think it would be possible to find him. I checked there is a lot but all of the cats I ended up seeing were other black cats that were not Jude.

I found Jude by a miracle through a Facebook post on Ohio lost pets. The person claimed the cat was female but when I saw the pictures I believed it was my boy. I then got into contact with the person but being so far away I couldn't go to see him. The vet clinic I previously worked at helped me out and one of the techs picked him up until my fiance could make the trip down to check out if it was truly him.

The cat ended up being him! Alive and well after a year and almost 4 months of being gone. We somehow managed to find him even being states away thanks to the help of so many people. I'm so happy to have him back in our lives! I would recommend them because it helped me spread the word about his escape and look for cats that might be him. Even with being so far away from where I lost him.

Ramsay slipped out through an open door or garage door when my husband was coming home late from the airport with luggage. No one noticed that he got out and we don't know if it was the front yard or backyard. He is an indoor cat and has only been outside in the backyard briefly to smell around and quickly come back in.

This community spread the word quickly on Facebook for me. I received many tips on his location but also I received advice about cat behavior and how I could help him find his way home. I was very impressed at the speed of responses. He came back at midnight after 3 full days away. He came through the garage door I raised about 10 inches and cried for me at the back door.

Everyone on Nextdoor and Facebook suggested them. It is absolutely the first site to contact when a pet is missing or if you have found one. This is not my first time to use this community to reunite pets and owners. Thank you so much. This service is priceless. We are so happy to have our Ramsay home and safe.

Lucky Jr likes to go on our balcony and just lay in the shade for hours when it's warm. He sometimes peaks at random squirrels and birds through the railing but that's as brave as he gets.

He is a weird cat; he HATES anything higher than my bed, and in 16 years we've never had an issue with him escaping from a high area. It seems that he got a little braver one Sunday morning, reached out too far and accidentally fell through the railing.

He was gone from Sunday morning until very early Tuesday morning. I was mainly worried because at this complex he'd never been further outside than the balcony and would have trouble finding his way back in unfamiliar surroundings. He has chronic kidney issues and needs daily medication which is why I was so desperate to find him.

Luckily, my downstairs neighbor knew that when she spotted him outside in the rain she immediately ran up to get me. It was around 3 am, I'm so grateful that she happened to be out because there is no way that I would have known from the 2nd floor. He was definitely a bit hesitant at first but once he realized it was me he came out from hiding. Immediately got him dry and gave him water, food, and medication. I could not be more relieved to have my guy back home.

I am incredibly grateful for the fast action, support and great advice from fellow animal lovers on this community. I really think it was the use of kitty litter to help him pick up a familiar scent that did the trick!

That trick may have been a simple Google search away but I wasn't thinking anywhere near clearly due to worry and lack of sleep, so I'm glad I happened upon that bit of info recommended. Thanks a ton, guys! I will definitely be more cautious about him on the 2nd-floor balcony. Until about 80 precautions are in place to make it impossible for him to slip through or get over the railing, only supervised visits to look at squirrels.
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