Hotel Out-Call Massage Memorial Day Weekend (Tampa Downtown including nearly ALL Hillsborough)

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Happy Holiday Weekend to all travelers In Hotel rooms, Air BNB, or resorts. Out-Call aka Mobile Massage by Asian female therapists open Every Day 365 days per year, from 10 AM to MIDNIGHT START TIMES! Call or text to 727-383-2345 to set up an appointment.

We are Mobile Asian Massage of Tampa Bay INC. www.mamtb.biz (acronym as the web address)


You don't need to drive in the busy traffic, go out into the heat or rain or deal with waiting at a shop, who will ultimately short your time while you are "getting ready" in the massage room waiting for the therapist to come in, they are charging you for the time.

Other mobile services close earlier. When they ARE open, they also begin charging you when their big toe crosses the threshold of your hotel room door, home or resort and for setting up the table, etc. We GIVE YOU ALL OF YOUR TIME!

A mobile massage is not just a luxury relaxation experience. We offer massages, including Relaxing (Swedish), Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue and many more massage types to clients from all cultures, income levels, education backgrounds, life preferences, everyone! Locally owned and operated.

We answer your calls and texts, we are not just a application platform like many of the other mobile companies. We offer personized services to assist your unique situation, health problem, and stress.

We have highly skilled, professional and experienced female massage therapists who assist greatly with muscle sprains, chronic pain, migraine headaches and sports injuries. If you were on a long flight, your body is often stiff and your joints aching.

We also have therapies for chronic medical problems which often prevent people from leaving home easily. We also provide Post Op Lymphatic Release, Prenatal Massage, Elder Massage, Neuromuscular, Therapeutic, Migraine protocol massage, and much more.

We offer Hot Cupping, Reflexology, Hot stones and use Chinese analgesic oils - all of which are provided best only by an experienced Asian therapist. And at NO EXTRA COST! If the procedure fits in the duration of the massage that you purchased, we do not charge extra.

ALL of these services are no extra charge. The other mobile services and shops charge extra for everything. We charge only by the duration of your appointment. DON'T be deceived by low starting prices. They will hit you with MANY extra charges. For example, for a couples massage, other companies charge you more PER PERSON. We charge you times two of our normal rate - which is logical.

When you use our service, the friendly, skilled therapist will bring her table, analgesic oils, various remedies, her supplies, and provide a 60 minute, 75 minute, 90 minute or two hour session to include any combination of the services listed.

NOW we even have 3 hour and 4 hour massage durations. No service has these options. ONLY US! There are NO additional fees for deep tissue or any service. You pay only by the massage/procedure duration.
See the photo of the duration/price chart. Prices start at $119 for one hour.

Call our scheduler Scott or ShaoLin who will be answering the phones and setting up your appointment. We are available for appointments starting at 10 AM to Midnight start times, 7 days per week. We have Emergency appointments, even after hours for established clients, OR regular standing appointments can be set up weekly, bi weekly or monthly for our established clients as needed to help you work through your pain or stress, or a particular medical issue. Some people need a session daily for serious situations. We provide daily, weekly, and other regular appointments.

We are Incorporated, Licensed and Insured. All personal, medical and financial information is carefully safeguarded. We have never had a data breach. We also have a near 100% on time arrival record.

We visit all hotels and resorts, golf communities and even the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. And of course your residence. We offer professional services and have an excellent reputation of assisting with difficult situations, showing courtesy and great care to our clients. We are discreet and none of our vehicles are marked or wrapped with advertising.

Call or text 727-383-2345, or use the BOOK NOW button on our website at Mobile Asian Massage of Tampa Bay. www.MAMTB.biz (if you are not sure the online request went through, please text us at 727-383-2345)

We accept credit, debit, Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App and cash. You pay only at the conclusion of the session. Only in situations where the client is far from the nearest therapist would we ask for a small $25 deposit - very rarely - which will be used for the massage fee.

Please see the photo attached of our flyer with massage durations and pricing. We ONLY charge by time. There is no extra cost for deep tissue, medical massage, hot stones or any analgesics we may need to use to help you. We never charge for travel time, no sales tax, no charge for set up time. You choose the amount of gratuity. There is no sales tax - so watch out for any mobile service who tries to charge you for this. There is no justification to charge you extra for using a credit/debit card. We NEVER do, nor should you pay it to any company which asks you for it. We are the only company which is completely fair, giving you the entire time of your massage on the table, no charges for set up time.

There are no memberships to join, no applications to download. We don't ask for your email when you call or text for an appointment. We just need your first name and location.

Thank you to the people of the Tampa Bay Metro communities for helping make our service such a success in the year since we closed our shop and left the brick and mortar business model behind. Our scheduler has lived here for over 50 years and knows where everything is, knows the culture, the people, the places so that all therapists are always on time as we move from appointment to appointment.

Please do not expect there to be any young kids working for us. Only highly skilled, experienced Asian women who are fit and highly capable and professional will be sent to assist you. They are fully vetted before they are permitted to enter anyone's personal space. Background check with fingerprinting and drug tests are required plus references in order for a massage therapist to work for us, so you are safe.

Massage therapy is healthcare, not entertainment. We have a stellar reputation at all the best hotels and resorts. We are welcome in the best resorts and hotels because we provide a professional, proper service to their guests.

If you call or text now, we might be able to provide same day service.

Thank you to the residents and visitors of the Bay Area for helping us be so successful in the first two years since we went fully mobile and closed our shops in 2022 to better serve the wonderful people here.

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